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Neighbours 30th Anniversary


To raise awareness of the cult Australian TV show turning 30 and create buzz and ‘talk-ability’ around the milestone. Additional campaign objectives included increasing viewership in the UK and getting people talking about the show via media coverage and on social media.


To create an impactful campaign, we held an exclusive red-carpet event attended by key cast, media and celebrities. The campaign also included a press trip to Australia for exclusive behind the scenes set visits to Ramsay Street in return for bigger features.

To support the campaign, we also worked on viral videos, created interactive press packs which showcased iconic Neighbours moments, and managed a full-service press office.


Widespread, in-depth national media coverage and social media coverage which focused on the Neighbours 30th Birthday milestone. This campaign got people talking, reviewing how far Neighbours had come in 30 years, reinforcing its position as an iconic Australian TV show, whilst creating a content-led viral social media campaign.

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